Spotted this week at Palestinian refugee camp Burj al Barajneh was some country pride... That is, some Australian country pride.

Um... what?

In this photo, tweeted by @jennineak, shows the Aboriginal Australian flag flying high above the houses, and a much limper Palestinian flag forgotten somewhere in the background.

Now, I'm not actually sure if the owner of the flag is aware of its origins (because Aussie pride in a Palestinian refugee camp is just... what?), or if it's just some kids messing around. Or maybe it's just someone's way of lightening up the dreary-looking camps during the holidays.

Either way, this has got part of me of me protesting the lack of proper flags, and the another part egging on some Steve Irwin pride.

Aboriginal Flag Flies in Burj al Barajneh

(Photo via @jennineak)



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