Last Sunday, The Wanton Bishops tore up the stage at Solea V in their biggest concert yet. And lets just say these guys are one Wikipedia page short of making it big.

Now, sex appeal and swoon-inducing gritty voices aside, the Lebanese duo have got some serious talent. Nader Mansour, who can boast lead vocals, harmonica, guitar and keyboard, has got the art of performing live down pat. With the typical nonchalant "I-don't-give-a-shit" attitude and the sweaty hardcore tribal stomping, Mansour had no problem eliciting insanely girly squeals from the audience.

Backing vocals, banjo and guitarist Eddy Ghossein, on the other hand, had barely walked on stage before the audience started screeching his name. Despite all the quiet tranquility akin to many Brit rock idols, seeing Ghossein's onstage energy was almost as exciting as the concert itself. Maybe that, or his tousled hair, was the reason someone went full fan girl and threw her bra on stage.

I shit you not.

The duo, who couldn't be more different, manage to incorporate Mansour's Mississippi grunge with all the best of Ghossein's British rock to produce quite the unique sound.

Their first LP, "Sleep With the Lights On", was released the night of their concert, and I'm dying to review it.

Let me just satisfy the embarrassing fan girl inside of me by listening to it a few hundred times. Maybe then I'll at least be a little objective.

Why The Wanton Bishops Are Going to Make It Big

(Photo via The Wanton Bishops)


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