To me, this instagram'ed photo practically screams a nostalgic memoir.

And so, without further adieu, I present my life as if I were an old Lebanese person. (I'm actually pretty young and Egyptian, but bear with me).


Back in my day3a, jeddo smokes arguileh three times a day and is as strong as a horse. Back in my day3a, teta makes ahweh 20 times a day, each time more amazing then the other. Back in my day3a, old things are appreciated and old people, even more so.

It's the place where people are screaming and children are laughing and old women are gossiping. It's the time when there's always time for chai and mama and never-ending laundry baskets piled high with cousins' laundry. It's how I see my life, 40 years from now.

Because back in my day3a, I'm home.

Back in My  Day3a

(Photo via @tonyfrem)



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