SuperCaliFragilisticExpialiDocious has done it again. Product of the week, their line of... erm, dirty sanitizers leave us both blushing and chuckling.

But, though no doubt ingeniously labeled (really, I applaud the folks who thought these up), I don't see myself buying one anytime soon. Brilliant the majority of its merchandise may be, SuperCaliFragilisticExpialiDocious is notorious for being needlessly expensive and, quite frankly, not entirely necessary.

I mean, in all honesty, this is probably just regular hand soap with different color dyes and a huge ass price tag. Worth the chuckles? I suppose that depends on your idea of a good joke.

But hey, if you feel like emptying your wallet for some good 'ol "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" liquid soap, who am I to stop you?

Let's just hope you have a private bathroom, or you'll be getting some strange looks from your house guests.

B*tch Slap Germs, Wash Away Your Sins, and Other Things You Can Do While Washing Your Hands

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