As practically everyone in Lebanon with a Facebook and/or Twitter has made abundantly clear in the past few days, the weather has gone loco.

What with the constant downpour of rain, hail, and sometimes even snow, parts of Lebanon have gone underwater while others rampaged by falling trees and mudslides.

Clearly, we're not too equipped for this sort of thing. But it's 2013! I mean, Marty McFly thought we'd have flying cars by this time, right? So we should at least have a better drainage system than, say, 50 years ago.

Wrong! If it wasn't for the short shorts and bad hairstyles, I'd say that these photos, tweeted by @Aamchit and @MarinaMaayeh, were present-day instagrams.

Looking startlingly similar to many of the shots taken since the beginning of the now infamous "Beirut storm," this photo was actually taken in 1965.

Look's like we're not the sort to learn from our past. For goodness sake Lebanon, take a leaf out of Timon and Pumba's book, put your past in the behind, and get a proper infrastructure already.

Post Edit: Both original photos were taken by Georges A. Tarazi in 1965.

(Photo via @MarinaMaayeh)

Vintage Photos Reveal the Beirut Flood of 1965

(Photo via @Aamchit)


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Hello I would like to inform you that these 2 pictures have been taken by Georges A. Tarazi in 1965. I've posted them in my Facebook wall and a lot of people have share it and copy without adding the credits. I will appreciate if you could add the credit "Collection Georges A. Tarazi". Thank you

Camille Tarazi on Nov 13, 2014 via web