If there's one thing I love about Lebanon, it's the cuisine. By far the best in the Middle East, a classic Lebanese dinner gets my mouth watering in expectation for sinfully delicious food.

The classic mezze, which usually consists of hummus, tabbouleh or fattoush, wara2 3nab, kibbeh, and a hundred other wonderful things is healthy (in comparison to the other much more buttered up Middle Eastern dishes), tasty, and meant to share.

It brings about the kind of situation where germaphobes and squeamish people have to suck it up and let their friends double-dip their pita bread in the baba ghanoush.

I think ya'll need to don your rain boots and head over to Leila's Restaurant, who so graciously posted this photo on their Facebook.

I mean really. What's a little rain when you can have mezze?

Mezze > Rainstorm

(Photo via Facebook)



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