So say you want to buy some unique furniture. And you want it to be affordable. And just because it's available—you want it to be environmentally friendly.

Well, you're in luck. Sumi Furniture, resident recycled and hand-painted furniture provider, is bringing the green vibe into the Lebanese furniture business—and it's awesome.

Sumi Furniture has already made a name for themselves; with their very first exhibition at Rue du Liban under their belt. Designing stools, boxes, tables and other items, Sumi's characteristic mark is that they incorporate nostalgic logos straight into their designs—and really, who wouldn't want a Pepsi logo as a chair?

So, now that I've got you interested, you can find out more information and browse more pictures here. And trust me, it's worth the two minutes of your time.

Sumi Furniture: Vintage, Hand Painted, and Recycled

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