The EB Nutrition and Food Quality Clinic will help you achieve the most effective and suitable diet plan that fits easily into your lifestyle. In addition, it assists any food establishment in attaining the most advanced food safety and quality standards.

With the help of multinational experts (in the US, Canada, France, Gulf) in clinical nutrition, sports nutrition, food service and ISO application, they consult for the following:

1- Dietary: weight loss, childhood obesity, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes and insulin resistance, renal malfunctions, sports nutrition, detox diet plans and many others..
2- Food safety systems, ISO 22000, HACCP.
3- Recipe standardization, diet recipes and calorie count, kitchen layout and flow charts
4- Accreditation systems
5- Kitchen safety and contingency plans
6- Environmental waste segregation and recycling

Elie Bteich Nutrition and Food Quality Clinic

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    Amwaj Center , 1st floor Jounieh Mob.: +9613099027


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