I'll admit that after seeing these pictures instagramed by Cupcake Box, I'm finding it a little hard to focus on work.

And raspberry just happens to be my favorite fruit. And, as a female, the love of chocolate is programmed into my biology.

But raspberry chocolate cupcakes? Cupcake Box, hold me while I pass out in ecstasy.

As for the other picture, I don't even like Nutella (I know, gasp with shock. I'm used to it), but I'm so very tempted to lick the creamy looking frosting off of those lovely little cupcakes.

I mean, I did exercise this morning. So it's totally okay. Right?

An added bonus: all cupcake sales this month go to Animals Lebanon. Delicious AND generous. We're liking you more and more, Cupcake Box.

Two [More] Reasons To Love Cupcake Box

(Photo via instagram)


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Burger Cupcakes...Need We Say... Crave on Jan 28, 2013


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Totally Ok! Plus (yes there's more awesomeness to these cupcakes) 1. Did you know they are charity cupcakes! as in all the profits from all your cupcake orders go straight to our Charity-of-the-month which this month is Animals Lebanon And 2. They are homemade, freshly baked with love <3

Randa Kabrit on Jan 10, 2013 via web