The coldest season in Lebanon has arrived, and the country has been bracing itself in preparation. In an unexpected turn however, snow has fallen in Beirut. Shocked pedestrians everywhere are torn between panicking for their very unprepared tires and being thrilled with the anticipation of the first white winter in decades.

Step 1? Hot chocolate. Anyone who knows how to make (or where to buy) a decent hot chocolate has got themselves covered.

Step 2? Ice skating. Normally, quite difficult to achieve in Beirut.

But no longer. Ice skating has once again appeared in Lebanon. This time Beirut on Ice, who have implemented a yearly ice skating rink, have shifted venues from Downtown to City Mall.

Tickets are sold for 25,000 L.L., which includes the prices of skates and protective gear. The rink is only open until mid April, so make sure to head on over to City Mall and fashion yourself a few battle scars.

Check out our profile for Beirut on Ice for more information.

Ice Skating Rink Opens in City Mall

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