"We believe" is the latest campaign by Abaad, a non-religious NGO that strives to promote gender equality in the MENA region.

In a refreshingly genuine and unified video against gender-based abuse, Abaad's campaign features sheikhs and priests of different sects giving their religious opinions on violence toward women.

A priest explains the Christian view, stating that "violence is forbidden in the teachings of the Bible as a means to resolve problems between people."

A sheikh recites a quote by the Prophet Muhammad, which says that "none but a noble man treats women in an honorable manner and none but an ignoble treats women disgracefully."

Other religious figures of different sects reiterate this perspective, and all with the same basic message: "You must treat women with kindness."

Artfully edited and meaningfully delivered, the video distinguishes itself as a tribute to tolerance and compassion. It is rare to see religious figures band together over any issue, and rarer still in the Middle East. Yet when it comes to abuse and violence, there is never an excuse. Whichever religion or ideology or code of ethics you may follow, please, treat women with respect.


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