I can seriously relate to this man’s poster. I had someone steal SOME of the items in my apartment last week. I say some because they had enough time to go through my stuff and leave the sh*t they didn’t like. So, for instance, my cherished vinyl record player with a “Best of Motown Hits” album inside has now disappeared into the bowels of Beirut, but I still have my Skyrim game for Playstation 3.

When it comes to burglaries, let me just point out there is nothing more offensive than, "I'll steal from you, but not everything, because frankly your taste in video gaming consoles is poor.”

Amazing how thieves always manage to find a way to add insult to injury.

I guess my point is: Cheer the f*ck up, Mike. But also, I love your poster.

Spotted: Awesome Poster in Achrafieh

(Photo via @Rachad6)


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