We all know Beirut is no stranger to weird graffiti, but this particular piece, spotted in Hamra, takes the cake.

Hello Kitty. Wearing Che Guevera's hat. Smoking a joint.

I'm not even going to try to decipher it.

Despite the "what the actual f*ck" qualities of this street art, we can't dismiss the originality of it. I mean, who ever said that graffiti wasn't interesting?

Meanwhile, this ad was seen in Ain el Mreisseh, featuring the new anti-drug campaign from the interior ministry.

It reads, "You still haven't learned? Drugs are suicide." alongside a hanged stick figure.

Judging by the somewhat eerie underlying tone to that slogan, the culture ministry should take a leaf out of Hello Kitty's book, and chillax with some good ol' fashioned communism.

JK. In all serious kids, drugs are bad for you. So is communism. And too much pie.

(Photo via @angienasser)

Hello Kitty, Che Guevera and a Joint

(Photo via maysidriss)


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