She's really just sluttin up the Lebanese snow with some scandalous underwear. And earmuffs—you know—because she's cold and stuff.

God damn it Myriam Klink. God damn it. Just when I start to believe the world was getting better and people forgot about you, you pop up on my facebook feed.

With the caption "Would you dare do it??? Hihi !" (yes that is the punctuation that was used), the photo is a fishing harpoon for compliments. And no, Myriam Klink, my IQ is not -25. No one in their right mind is that desperate for adoration from 45-year-old men living at home. "Hihi !"

So, on behalf of the people of Lebanon—because you know we're all thinking it—just go ahead and take the extra two steps and become a certified pornstar please. At least then it'll be banned from facebook. Ugh.

God damn it Myriam Klink.

Just When You Think Myriam Klink Died in a Hole

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