I wonder what John Lennon would say if he saw Beirut today?

He famously envisioned a Utopian society... no religion, no possession, and nothing to kill or die for. And yet when you think of Lebanon's identifiers, you think of exactly that: Christians and Muslims, rich and poor, and politics and identities strewn deliberately over a slew of passports and great-grandfathers who spent 6 months in France.

So I feel like I could honestly say that Lennon would've loathed our separated and flawed materialistic society. But then again, there is so much in Lebanon that is worth loving. So maybe he wouldn't have hated everything.

And after all, Lennon is a self dubbed dreamer. God knows we need some of those in Lebanon.

Imagine John Lennon...On a Wall

(Photo via @_lamisse_)


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nice :)

Jubran E. Elias on Jan 14, 2013 via web