Last May, our favorite carbonated diet-killer celebrated 60 years in Lebanon. So let's all cheer to a much belated toast, honoring the glorious brown fizz of kings and queens of fast food.

Dear Pepsi,

Thank you for being my constant companion (by which I mean like once a week) during my finals. Thank you for that awkwardly hidden burp, and that fizzy feeling in my nose that only you can give. Thank you being cheap and cold and perfect for summer time lazy days. Thank you for going well with almost every pub drink ever.

Above all Pepsi, thank you for being you.

You are so much better than Coke.

An Ode to Pepsi


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the best soft dring ever

Saad Turk on Apr 28, 2013 via for Android
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The Best Soft Drink Ever

Saad Turk on Apr 28, 2013 via for Android