Have you met The Missing Pixels yet?

It's about time. Meet designers and musical sirens, Christina, Carine & Dana, a cover band who put a unique spin on just about every popular song you love.

One of their latest covers is of David Guetta and Sia's crazy popular song, Titanium. Acoustically strumming out the beat in an almost nonchalant, and somehow even girly way, The Missing Pixels' cover is actually surprisingly better than the original. A soft, indie, baby voice sings the melody nearly flawlessly, save for the endearing breaks in her voice. Bongos accompany the breezy guitar, making you feel like you're in an underground poet scene wearing a beret and all black. And—surprisingly—you ain't even bothered.

However cliche I might sound, I think it's safe to say that The Missing Pixels aren't actually missing anything—besides a record deal.

And if you're not done listening to The Missing Pixels yet, head over to their next event and catch them live at Metro Al Madina. Do it.



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