Sell your cars and start walking folks, because I'm pretty sure your wallet is in pain.

The Daily Star reports that gas prices in Lebanon have steadily increased for the past seven—yes that is correct, seven—weeks in a row.

The Ministry of Energy and Water reported specific figures, acknowledging that both the 95 octane and 98 octane fuel rose by LL300, selling at LL33,800 and LL34,500 per 20 liters, respectively. Both kerosene and diesel oil have also increased in price.

Gas prices are often a tell-tale sign of the condition of any economy, and rest (un)assured, it looks like ours isn't fairing all that well. What with the closing of hotels and the increasing prices of produce, Lebanon looks like it's aiming to be one of the most expensive places in the Middle East.

So start saving what money you can and start carpooling, walking, or even biking. Because monies.

Why You Should Carpool: Gas Prices Up 7 Weeks in A Row

(Photo via The Daily Star)


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