Opening their doors to the migrant worker force of Lebanon, Rose Beirut hosted a memorable and never before done evening in association with cheyef 7alak, a self described " civic movement based on citizen journalism."

Documented by LBC, and really, kudos to them, the evening served as a tribute to the minorities of Lebanon, many of them who have been disrespected and stereotyped purely because of their ethnicity.

And so, in an evening like no other, the tables were turned. Lebanese men and women were banned from dining at Rose as migrant workers feasted on gourmet food in one of the classiest restaurants in Gemmayzeh.

"I always come here" remarked a disgruntled customer, "and you can't tell me that I'm Lebanese and can't come." And yet a waiter ushered out Lebanese men and women, politely explained "Tonight is private, come again tomorrow."

"The feeling of rejection is not nice," remarked Cheyaf 7alak representative, "as we are all God's children."


So go ahead and spend the next two minutes of your life watching this video and being inspired. It is a powerful reminder that random acts of kindness still exist, and that we are all within our means to give them.

This is the Lebanon I hope we will one day be.


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