The Tourism Ministry, in collaboration with Middle East Airlines, is offering an incredible reason for tourists to visit Lebanon from now until February 28.

It’s called the “50 days for 50 Percent Off” campaign, and comes amid a sharp decline in tourism over the past year.

The deal is available for tourists from 13 different countries. To make things easy, we’ve created an interactive guide so you can easily browse through the deals and sort your options according to your country of origin.

Here’s how it works:
-At the top of the guide, you’ll find a list of country capitals included in the campaign.
-Simply click on your city of origin to browse through price packages available to you.
-Click on any hotel you’re interested in, and you’ll be redirected to a page with extensive information, including the amenities, services, location and contact information for that particular hotel.

Here’s what you get:
-An economy class airfare ticket (all taxes included).
-A three-night stay at the hotel of your choice, chosen from the list below (breakfast, room tax and service charges included).
-Airport pickup and drop off.
-Of course, hotel rooms are subject to availability.

To grab any of these awesome deals, contact your nearest Middle East Airlines office.

Lebanon's 50 Days for 50 Percent Off Tourism Campaign

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سادتي الاعزاء تم مراجعة مكتب الشرق الوسط في بغداد للاستفاده من التخفيض والحجز الى بيروت الا ان المكتب اعتذر عن ذلك واوضحوا عدم وجود تخفيض في حين ان الموقع نشر اسم العاصمه العراقيه بغداد ضمن الدول المشموله بالتخفيض , ارجو ابلاغي ماذا افعل في هذه الحاله ( ) تقبلوا تحياتي

Ahmed Hamza on Jan 20, 2013 via web