Created in 2012, Fishy Nation is an online t-shirt company based in Lebanon and that appeals to all of the Middle East. Featuring awesome and uber unique designs, Fishy Nation totes appeals to the artistic soul (assuming you have one) in everyone.

Check out our top 5 favorite Lebanese-y designs, all at 30 bucks a pop. As a pretty intense Radiohead fan, I gotta admit, number four is just All I Need.

1. ArabianEyes by Patrik
Sexy, sultry, and Arab. The best mix ever.

2. OMG by Samah
If this were on facebook, I'd like it and then unlike it just so I could like it again.

3. Pasha by Mazin
He's like your friendly neighborhood kahweh seller.

4. RadioHead by Patrik
Genius. Pure genius. That is all. (Also check out his Red Hot Chili Pepper design—more genius)

5. Google-it by OnlineCollaborative
We've all said it. Now let's wear it.

Our Top 5 Favorite Fishynation Designs

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