With less than a month till Valentine's Day, it's time to start thinking of all the awesome stuff you can get your lady/man friend. So to all you ladies and gents out there who want to surprise your special someone with crazy awesome gifts, have we got a list for you!

1. Build a Fort
The perfect place for board games, dinner, movies, and err, other activities, an at-home fort is like the greatest thing you can do with your blankets and pillows. You don't need to be 5-years-old to appreciate pretend camping indoors. And hey, if you've got stuffed animals, the more the merrier!

2. "Do You Believe in Love after Love?"
Cher. Yes, Cher. Crank out those 80's tunes and add a cheesy soundtrack to your Valentine's night lovemaking. And if you're really feeling the crazy hair vibes of past, I recommend blasting some Michael Bolton to keep the mood classy and fresh. "How am I supposed to liiiiiiiiive without you?"

3. Brief Jerky
I think this one is self-explanatory. And hilarious.

4. Candy Mountain
Candy Mountain Charlie!! No really though, get her/him a load of candy/chocolate/baked goods. Like a ton. One might even say a mountain's worth. It makes a great complement to the Brief Jerky.

5. The One Ring
To rule them all.

Lols. Take a lorien leaf out of Frodo's book and get your Sam(antha) some nice bling. And if you really want to take the extra step, get it engraved with some ambiguous elvish phrase. Because nothing says I love you more than "The hobbits are going to Isengard..."

6. Video Game It
Grab your Xbox, Wii, Playstation, PC or even a DS and battle your loved one in the age old game of Counter Strike. Kick their ass in Mario Party or watch them go solo in Diablo 3. Take it up an extra notch and scream your enthusiasm with "the f*** man! He was right in front of you! Down B, Down B!!" Now that's love.

7. Coffee Gift Set
Nothing says love more than caffeine. Seriously. Nothing. So show your significant other that you will never get in the way of their true love and buy them a shit ton of coffee. And if you're single and need a gift recipient, well, who am I to reject a heart-felt present?

8. Bubble Wrap
*Pop.* Muahhahaah. Can you feel the awesome? Can you?? *Pop.* Tee-hee.

9. Disney Movie Marathon
"Caaaaan you feel the loveeee tonight?"
With Disney, you totally can. Because Disney IS love. So grab your favorite spot on your lover's chest and proceed to cry over Mufasa's death, sing Ariel's melody and get all giddy when Beast turns into a human. And then laugh at how lame you are. Together.

10. Make A Baby
Kk, so if you're reaaaaally bored and are secure enough in your relationship to do this, warp your faces into your hideous offspring and giggle maniacally. Hope that your Mr. Bean looking children have his humor and your love of all things free and pray to whatever gods that he doesn't snore like his make believe father.

10 Seriously Cool Valentine's Day Gifts

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