Not even kidding you.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say Friday was flawless musical genius in comparison to Arguileh by Eli.

I've seriously just lost 5 minutes of my life I can never get back. And like a dozen IQ points.

Whoever the f*** thought a tone deaf kid and a couple of slutty maked-up troll-doll wannabes would make a good music video must have been on crack. With poetic lyrics like "Your love ran away and now it's with me, like it, just like an arguileh..." you will easily be bashing your head against your computer screen screaming "WHY GOD WHY" five seconds into this video.

So if I haven't convinced you otherwise, go ahead and watch the flailing Eli Bou Merhy make awkward eye contact with the camera...because shimmying is totally, like, attractive on males. And topping off that classiness with a made-at-home "waw kteer cool bro " dance beat, this song is no doubt one of the worst videos I have ever seen—ever.

I mean for f***'s sake! There isn't even an arguileh in the video!



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