This guy's instagram is making us wish Woody Allen would drag his insanely talented ass over to Beirut to shoot some genuine Lebanese culture.

Okay, so maybe the yellow filter and instagram effects are making the picture, shot in the south of Lebanon near Hasbaya, a little more vintage than it actually is.

But look at those tarnished concrete walls, the eggs stacked in the back, the old-fashioned grain scale and the teller's classic Lebanese garb, and tell me that this doesn't look like a spot time forgot.

This is the Lebanon we all remember and love. This little part, untouched by industry and modernity, where a man earns his living with an honest hard day's work.

It reminds me ever so much of my childhood, where I would save my weekly $1 allowance for that bar of chocolate I was eyeing, but the nice man at the counter would give it to me for free anyway.

My, how things have changed.

Modern-Vintage Lebanon Charms Our Socks Off

(Photo via @nader_k_)


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Vintage Photos of Lebanon... Blog on Aug 15, 2014


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