We all know Elie Saab's designs are just plain—if you forgive the oxymoron—glamorous.

And if you need a reminder, just take a look at this stunning creation posted by @jadoxic. The photo displays a long sleeve couture gown embroidered with what appears to be leaves and vines, standing elegantly next to a phantom of the opera-esque chandelier.

Saab's designs are well known internationally for their risque fashion choices, often combining see-through lace and delicate frill for a classic feminine look. This ball-gown is definitely no exception, so if you've got the waist to wear it, you might as well don a tiara and be a princess for a day.

Now if only we could afford it.

Elie Saab Stuns Again With Princess Gown Creation

(Photo via @jadoxic)


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