Finding the perfect bra is a headache. Are we 38Bs or 36Cs or 34Ds? Do we want a push- up or a strap down or a wonder bra? And what about frills? Lace? Color? Who knows.

A woman's mind is a fickle thing, yet lingerie stores are even more so. Catering to the "most common" bra sizes, retail stores often neglect to provide alternative options to our—err—larger females, or even sizing advice for the everyday customer.

It's a problem that almost every women faces in their life. What bra? What size?

Well, here to help is a new bra-tastic website, Though it's just up and starting, in an interview with Entrepreneur Levant the websites creater, Alexandra Tohme, hopes to turn it into an online lingerie provider catering to the needs of women in the Middle East.

Sounds fantastic to me. I love to buy lacy pink frilly stuff. So amourah. What You Need to Know About Bras

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