The battle for child custody is bitterly undertaken by divorcees and exes alike, all vying to win the love of their child. Normally, parents buy their children extravagant gifts and take them to Disney World, but in Lebanon, staging an armed kidnapping is apparently the newest fad.

Naharnet reports that a Lebanese mother—Nadine Akkawi—enlisted the help of several gunmen to kidnap her two sons, Omar 7, and Jad, 4.

The kidnapping took place in Aramoun, while the children were at their grandfather's home. Akkawi denies taking her children by force, claiming that her husband had prevented her from seeing Omar and Jad for over two months. Police are currently investigating the incident.

I mean, I can't really blame her for wanting to see her kids, but I feel like big hulking men with guns are probably not the nicest way to tell children "I love you." I feel for the mother—but that being said, I've got to go ahead and label her less-than-orthodox methods as a supreme WTF.

Because kidnapping children—even if they're your own—is just not right.

Lebanese Mother Kidnaps Her Own Children

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