Identical twins Mohamed and Omar Kabbani are already big names in the Lebanese music industry, forming the rap duo, Ashekman. They're also crazy awesome graphic designers, displaying their Arabic calligraphy and graffiti-esque designs with their t-shirt shop, Ashekman Urban Wear.

As if they could add another major accomplishment to their already piled up list—they were catapulted to global fame via CNN International in 2011 and Rolling Stone magazine in 2012—Ashekman was recently featured on MTV Voices as Beirut Street Entrepreuners, a title which they've no doubt earned over the last 10 years of their existence. interviewed Mohamed via phone, who enthused about Ashekman's latest recognition: "This speaks to another demographic, not just the Middle East; it's a compliment to us."

He continued on, explaining that "it was a challenge to get the attention of foreign media, so we see this as a success for international level." Though both Mohamad and his brother are trilingual (they went to French schools and an American university), they insistently display pride for their language and heritage, a unique facet that explains why they're so popular locally and internationally.

So let's all go ahead and congratulate the immensely successful (and refreshingly modest) brothers for their most recent success. Gotta love Lebanese artists.

Lebanese Rap Duo Ashekman Recognized on MTV Voices

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