Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, imprisoned in 1987 for the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. and Israeli diplomat Yaakov Bar-Simantov in Paris was finally granted parole after serving a life sentence.

On January 10, 2013, his parole appeal was granted on condition of deportation from France yet he still remains under custody. The Daily Star reports that many Abdallah supports, dispersed all over Lebanon—Sidon, Tyre, Nabatiyeh, Tripoli and Baalbek—have rallied in protest in hopes of hastening his release.

With signs and graffiti reading "Resistance and Freedom for George Abdallah", such as the picture above tweeted by @AddiyarNews, Abdallah's supporters are thus far engaging in peaceful protests in hopes of international recognition.

Many have called his unlawful detainment legal hypocrisy and discrimination from France, who have yet to make efforts to execute Abdallah's parole.

Resistance and Freedom for George Abdallah

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