Instagramed by mazenfayad, this picture of an olive tree on a balcony in Beirut sort of befuddles me. That is, more so than the caption, which reads, "The Olive Tree and The Bastard."

Symbolism aside, it's just plain unusual. I mean, how often is it that one spots an almost fully-grown tree on a balcony in the middle of a bustling city? Covered in mini bird houses, the olive tree stands next to a much taller and lankier tree, which I'm sure is the "bastard" in this case.

Located at the "Waak and Aak residence," I wouldn't be surprised if this was a show of some Palestinian solidarity.

Or maybe they just really like olives.

Olive Tree Thrives on Beirut Balcony

(Photo via @mazedfayad)



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