Teachers are well known for being under-paid in almost all areas of the world, not barring of course our third world country of Lebanon.

The Daily Star reports that teachers from all over the country have staged numerous protests over the year, demanding an increase in salary and directly calling upon Prime Minister Najib Mikati to address their concerns.

Thus far, their protests have come to no avail, with PM Mikati choosing to remain silent.

Nehme Mahfoud, Head of the Private Schools Teachers Association, threatened an even larger protest in February, stating (to Najib) “You have until the end of this month to refer the salary increase to Parliament, or else all teachers will take down the streets early February and won’t leave until their demands are met.”

With millions of dollars being channeled into parliament salaries yearly, a raise in teachers' salaries is no doubt feasible. And really, teachers are much more important to society than politicians. One is the backbone of society; the other has no backbone.

I'll leave you to figure out which one is which.

Teacher Protests Continue Over Salary Concerns

(Photo via The Daily Star)


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