...And Let It Kill You."

Right. So, to me, this is one of those internet worthy memes—complete with matching converse—akin to #swag, #yolo, and "lyk dis if u cry evry tym".

Although death by love doesn't actually sound all that bad, if you really think of the implications of the message, you'll realize how absolutely idiotic it really is.

By this logic, because I love coffee, I should let it kill me. I also love mermaids—so I should find a harpoon wielding siren and let it stab me in adoration. I adore opera. So naturally, I should let a soprano shatter my being with an F sharp of caring.

Oh Mar Mikhael. You've got so many treasures to speak off. Let's just sweep this under the rug and let what you love... let you live.

Find What You Love

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