I think it goes without saying that truffles are a delicacy. The deliciously gooey chocolateness of the little round balls of wonder never fail to satisfy a sweet tooth.

That being said, good luck finding decent truffles for less than a fortune in Beirut. The baker inside me would attempt, and fail, to recreate the chocolaty wonder, and then lament my inability to find a wondrous ball of awesome.

My friends, rejoice! Truffiness, a home-based truffle making company, exists for people like me and you. Ever gracious enough to give us a sample of their truffley goodness, Truffiness has rendered our entire office moaning with sweetened ecstasy and fighting over the few remaining truffles in the box.

And they were only just delivered.

Take my word on it. Contact Truffiness. Order yourself some truffles. Then, only then, can you die in happiness.

Truffiness. The Gateway to Chocolaty Heaven

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