has learned that a dog named Whiskey was shot and killed on Sunday at approximately 11:15 a.m on the Corniche. Twelve bullet casings were found at the scene, according to Jason Mier, the Executive Director of Animals Lebanon, who provided the details behind this horrific incident.

Whiskey was barely fully grown at 11-months-old, and his owner—who prefers to remain unnamed—told Animals Lebanon that Whisky was always "gentle, shy and never showed aggression. He left the house yesterday, happy with a wagging tail."

Mier explained to that Whisky was being walked without a leash by a friend of the owner, and was then shot by a man who feared he would attack himself and his daughter. It is worth noting that Sunday morning is one of the busiest times on the Corniche, and dozens of witnesses were within the range of gunfire. In fact, two people—including the man walking Whiskey—had to be taken to the hospital for injuries.

Mier lamented over Whiskey's death, saying "Our feeling, and everyone involved— the owner, the bystanders—is that this is terrible."

The consequences of Whiskey's death remains to be seen, as Animals Lebanon is still working with the government over animal welfare legislation. So technically, this case—though poignant—isn't unlawful according to Lebanon's currently outdated animal welfare laws. However should Whiskey be viewed as property in legal terms, the shooter might face penalty in Lebanese court.

"This isn't an isolated incident of abuse." remarked Mier, explaining that countless injustices against animals in Lebanon occur everyday. "Let's use this example to help this [animal welfare] law be enacted."

New Details Revealed in Horrific Shooting Death of Dog on the Corniche

(Photos via Animal Lebanon)


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The Ministry of Environment and the municipality to protect all animals and punish everyone hurts any animal

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