Looking like something out of a cheery Tim Burton movie (is there such a thing?) this adorable piece of graffiti, tweeted by Nadine al Koudsi, is probably one of the most whimsical graffitis in Lebanon.

Found in Monot, the work features the silhouette of a girl biking along what appears to be a blustery spring path, without nary a care in the world. I imagine her name is Jenna, and that she's got a glorious violin theme song accompanying her as she bikes.

This is the kinda stuff that needs to be a poster with an inspirational quote like "Believe in fairies" or "Magic is real". And you know what? I would buy that poster and stick it on my wall. Because I do believe in fairies.

Deal with it.

Biking On the Walls of Monot

(Photos via @el_dinos)



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