If you were looking for a sign that you were in the Middle East, here it is.

Spotted and instagramed in Hamra by pascalesfeir, this sign makes us roll our eyes and sigh at the horrid, albeit endearing, business skills of the Lebanese.

The sign, which appears to be hanging on a door of a jewelry shop, reads "Coming Now, Don't go, jeye."

"Jeye," the Lebanese slang for "coming" is highlighted in red. In English.

You have to give this guy credit. I mean, he did put up his number for all of Hamra to see. And, as we well know, Hamra isn't exactly the classiest or safest of places. My advice? Next time you're in desperate need of a bathroom break (we've all been there), call up a buddy to man the cashier. Or, at the very least, post a wittier sign.

Hamra Shop Owner Leaves Amusing Break Sign

(Photo via pascalesfeir)



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