After a photo of 9-year-old Adel Kassem dangling off a ski lift took the internet by storm, an online petition was created, demanding increased safety measures in the Faraya Mzaar Resort.

The Daily Star reports that Adel was actually in ski school at the time of the incident, noting that heavy winds unhinged the safety bar on the ski lift, leaving him hanging for his life by the fabric of his coat.

Though Adel was heroically saved (just look at the photo!) by a maintenance worker named Ammar, his mother, Diala Kassem, still went out of her way to make sure that her fear would never have to be experienced by other parents.

Thus, on January 29, Kassem created a petition targeting the lax safety standards at the resort, which has already reached over 3,000 signatures—and aims for 5,000 in total.

Kassem writes of her and Adel's story in the petition, presenting valid arguments about why improved safety measures are necessary.

“This man might not be there next time this happens to another child. Another child might not be wearing four layers of clothes to hold his weight while he is dangling in mid air.”

“There were no rescue workers at the station, or first aid,”
she writes, “If he had fallen, he would have needed urgent medical attention.”

Kassem also took the time to express her thanks to Ammar, closing off the heartfelt petition with genuine gratitude. "Thank you Ammar. Adel, his sisters and his parents, will forever be indebted to you for your heroic act."

Photo of Near-Fatal Rescue in Faraya Goes Viral

(Photo via The Daily Star)



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