The underground escort scene in Lebanon is well-known and, err, virile to say the least.

With a wide variety of escort services available online and via phone, it's not exactly newsworthy to "expose" what's already common knowledge, as noted by this totes accurate blogpost. So it's not all that surprising when Joe Maalouf does what Joe Maalouf does best in a barely riveting tale of what really goes on behind the scenes that you never really wanted to get behind.

In the video below, a reporter of Enta Horr unleashes his bravado and calls up an escort, appearing to actually has sex with her (over the span of 20 minutes)—a credit to his ethics, virility, and journalistic devotion.

Dramatic music plays out the arranged love affair, and Joe Maalouf does his audience the favor of actually listing escort numbers—you know, just in case you were interested.

In another TV investigation worth note, OTV’s Haida El We2e3 delivers an hour's worth of interviews, hidden camera footage and discussion on the "sex delivery" scene in Lebanon. So if you're super interested in escorts, have time on your hands, and don't mind an hour of insanely cheesy music, well it looks like we've got a video for you.

I personally have nothing against escorts. I think it's a crude and vulgar business, but everyone has the right to do what they want—as long as they're doing it willingly. So Lebanon has a pretty legit escort scene. So what? At least we're not Saudi.


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