Just yesterday, I was admiring the sheer ingenuity of a poorly spray painted "khara" on one of the walls of the sea road. Sitting in the car with my friends, we stopped and appreciated how such a beautiful piece of art represented the conflict between rebellious teens and society, and how art expression was such a pure talent.

Today, appraising this photo taken by lnlne in Mar Mikhael, I can say the same thing—except this time, I can say it without sarcasm.

This is what graffiti should be—an outpour of artistic talent that has meaning or value—though I'll admit this one might be a little ambiguous. Just look at the fine brushstrokes that make up the child's hair, the expert shading along the jacket, and the effortless array of colors along the scope of the mural. This is what art should be like.

This Is What Graffiti Should Look LIke

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