Gigantic stadium filled with fans—check. Millions of dollars worth of ads—check. A half an hour electricity cut... check?

In a totally unexpected turn of events, one of the biggest sport events in U.S television history took a leaf out of Lebanon's book, with nearly half of the Mercedes Superdome losing electricity for more than half an hour. Electrical company Entergy released a statement explaining that a piece of equipment "sensed an abnormality in the system," thus causing the power to partially cut.

This spurned a hilarious array of ads, tweets, and jokes (That's so raven!), my favorite of which is captured below, by no other than Al-Qaeda's twitter account.

Note: If you look closely, you can tell that it's not really Al-Qaeda's official account, but a fanmade parody. Though I'd like to think that the real Al-Qaeda loves Beyonce too.

How the SuperBowl 2013 Got Lebanized

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