Situated in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Over The Rainbow is a charming little boutique that offers everything from handbags to jewelry to clothing and other accessories. It's the perfect place for gal-pal gift shopping or a little self indulgence. So whether you're a self-described hipster, fashionista, rocker chick or geek, Over The Rainbow has a "rainbow" of options to fit any style.

Check out our top five favorite pieces below and see what make this store so colorfully unique.

1. Aura Headpieces by Carolina Chammas"

2. Jacket from the "Kera" by Karen Kanaan collection

3. Hand Crafted Glass Jewlery

4. Purse from the "Kera" by Karen Kanaan collection

5. Unique bracelets made with all natural materials

Our Five Fave Over the Rainbow Boutique Pieces

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