In an absolutely disgusting display of animal behavior, a group of protesters were videotaped sexually assaulting a women in front of dozens of other witnesses.

The incident occurred in Egypt, where reports of sexual harassment have steadily increased since the infamous Tahrir protests. Many women have reportedly been beaten, molested, and even raped in public, where screaming is lost among the chants and riots of protesters.

The video shows a women being pushed and pulled by a swarm of barbaric men. Other protesters try and aid her, but the fate of the women remains lost in a blur as the video jumps in and out of focus. An Egyptian women narrates the scene (you can read the English subtitles by clicking the cc button), describing the horrific incidence with evident anger.

In a revolution that was meant to be against acting dictatorship, it seems that the continued plight of women is an issue to be recognized. Women's rights in the Middle East are slowly developing, yet when videos like this go viral we realize how futile words can be. "Come and stand against the rapists, because we do not plan to hide in our homes," urges the narrator, speaking for a change in mentality and a call to action.

"This is our square, this is our revolution, and we will fight this battle to the last breath."


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