I'm going to go on a limb here and fill in the missing letters of this Hamra Street graffiti.

"Save your planet. Embrace life. Choose (?) your heart/love."

Now if my guessing is correct, then this wall post, addressed from "the youth of Lebanon," is actually full of hippie love and wisdom. The entire artwork is drawn in the psychedelic colors of Woodstock, and embraces the tree-hugging symbol of decades old flower-children. And really, "youth" in my mind are the unfortunate teenage years you're too embarrassed to remember. Except apparently now they're wise enough to be giving out advice and fairy dust. Ex-nay on the fairy dust.

First the unforgivable hipsters; now the ever-forgiving hippies.

It looks like Lebanon's turning into the 60's.

From The Youth Of Lebanon

(Photo via @nawaalf)



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