With less than one week left till the religious observance of Lent, Christians everywhere are feasting on meat and guilty pleasures before making the yearly six week long sacrifice.

Normally called "Fat Thursday", the Thursday before Lent marks a day of mass global indulgence. Yet here in Lebanon, Christians come together for "Khamis Sakkara", or "Drunk Thursday", a phenomena that could only be massively popular among the Lebanese (and maybe Irish).

So what does Khamis Sakkara entail? Described by blog, stateofmind13.com, Drunk Thursday is "the only day of the year where getting wasted in front of your parents is met with cheers." And cheers of love at that.

So say farewell to celebration in the the biggest and most liver-cringing tradition ever—the holiest of Christian holidays (JK yo, I love Jesus), Drunk Thursday.

Drink up dudes, and drive safe.

Drunk Thursday: Lebanon's St. Patrick's Day

(Photo via thecorner.co.uk)


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As Drunk As An Englishman Blog on Feb 8, 2013


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