Near the Société Générale de Banque au Liban, sequestered by Orient 499 and only meters away from Phoenicia Hotel, Dima Alami has found the pit of all pits.

An "Earth Pit" lies imprinted on the ground, marking a sacred gateway to the long foretold hole to China. "Do not remove", it says, killing the whimsical nature of its mystery. How are we supposed to know where the bottomless pit leads? Perhaps we are not meant to.

On a slightly less magical note, earth pits—as google has confusingly explained—have to do with grounding electrical circuits so (I assume from my base knowledge of physics) they are safer to the public. Reality is so much lamer than presumed fiction.

I much prefer China, don't you?

We've Found The Hole to China

(Photo via @dee_alami82)



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