It's been on sale for months. It's right smack dab in the beginning of Gemmayzeh. It is, ladies and gentlemen, the fabled place of alcoholics, druggies and unethical pedestrians. It is the swamp of Gemmayzeh.

Available for rent for a minimum of 20 years (what a commitment!) this beauty of a property is 170 square meters of unoccupied mush, and has a building permit for three floors, which can be extended to 10 floors. And if you're super interested in the offer, well I hope you have 300K up front in hand. This baby will cost you 55 thousand bucks per year—renovation not included.

So, the question remains... any wicked old witches looking for the perfect fortress location?

Gemmayzeh's Festering Swamp of Pollution

(Photo via @shouly)


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Imad Al-Fil on Jun 4, 2013 via web