Plastik Magazine's office offers their employees a wide variety of services. No workplace is complete without comfortable desks and chairs, quality technology and office supplies, and of course—and this goes without saying—unicorn tears.

We all get thirsty on the job, and unicorn tears provide a healthy and satisfying solution to this daily dilemma. Served in a convenient water cooler, Plastik's unicorn tears are a pinkish red color, and taste—I assume—like magic.

A necessity for every office, I highly recommend unicorn tears—which I believe come in a variety of colors, depending on how flamboyant your unicorns are—as a nutritious replacement to common water. All you need are a couple of depressed unicorns and a label maker and voila! A recipe for office success.

Good luck finding the unicorns.

Unicorn Tears Taste Suspiciously Like Water

(Photo via Eli Rezkallah)


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