1. Visas
International visitors to Lebanon must carry a valid passport and, if required, a visa. For more information, click here.

2. The Weather
Lebanon’s Mediterranean climate stays relatively mild throughout the year. For current climate and weather conditions, visit weather.com.

3. Currency
The Lebanese pound (LL) is the currency unit of Lebanon. One US dollar is equal to approximately 1,500 LL. Also, US dollars are accepted everywhere and are an acceptable alternative to paying in LL. For more information visit the Central Bank of Lebanon.

4. Time zone
Lebanon belongs to the Eastern European GMT+2 time zone.

5. Voltage
Lebanese appliances operate on 220-240 volts of electricity. The US and Canada run on 110-120 volts. If you’re visiting from one of these countries, you should consider packing a plug adaptor and voltage converter for your electronics and appliances. Click here to see socket types.

6. Language
Arabic, English and French are all recognized as official languages in Lebanon.

7. Where to Stay
Click here for a comprehensive list of hotels in Lebanon.

8. Getting around
To search for taxi services in Beirut, check out our extensive guide to taxis.
To explore Beirut by bus, download the bus routes map.

9. Emergency Information
Beirut Police Stations
Beirut Fire Department
Civil Defense
General Security

10. Major points of Interest
Lebanon's tourist attractions

11. Guide to Beaches
Click here for a comprehensive guide to beaches in Lebanon

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