In a global trend toward putting LEGOs to better use (though they serve us well making towers and castles), @jubranelias captured a Gemmayzeh display of active reconstruction—albeit in a much more colorful, though rather less practical manner.

In July of last year The Daily Star reported about the rise in LEGO-related construction attempts—supplying some interesting photos to prove their case. The idea apparently originated from "DISPATCH BEIRUT", a street art collective that uses the blocks to repair broken areas in Beirut.

Using LEGOs as a means of artistic expression, DISPATCH BEIRUT also created a Lebanese flag made entirely out of their favorite building material, an image that was tweeted by Haifa Dbouk. And I'm pretty sure it's one of the coolest flag recreations I've ever seen.

It's kinda awesome when random artsy people to random artsy things. Keep up the good work LEGO peeps.

We Can Rebuild It... We Have The LEGOs

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