Monday night marks the launch of the new Blackberry 10 in Lebanon. Critics are calling this RIM's last shot at a comeback, but we're sure there are still a lot of die-hard #Crackberry fans in this country, and so, this post goes out to all of you. Tell us, peeps: should we develop the App for the new Blackberry?

Here's how it would look, and - more importantly - what it would do:

1. Help you explore and discover new places.

With over 5,000 restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses listed in our directory, our App makes it completely unrealistic for you to ever complain about Beirut being a snoozefest. We kinda nailed it.

2. Get social.

Because you can't REALLY love the new Blackberry until you've drunkenly shared an inappropriate picture of yourself with that cute bartender on Facebook via the App (we know what you did).

3. Be in the know, when you're on the go.
Beirut holds an average of 200 events per week. We won't promise to organize your life, just your social calendar. Find the perfect party and share your plans with the girls on BBM using our awesome App. It's an undeniable truth: download the App, and you’ll end up with a phone that does more.

So should we build our App for the new Blackberry 10? It's time to pick a side, nerds.

Imagine This: Beirut at Your Fingertips with the New Blackberry 10

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